Entrepreneur Tom Johnson possesses nearly 25 years of experience owning and operating his own companies and providing superior services in customer acquisition, financing, fulfillment, and monetization to online merchants seeking growth in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Mr. Johnson currently serves as the CEO of Media Communications Corp. of Virginia Beach, Virginia.

As the executive leader of Media Communications Corp., Tom Johnson focuses the company around a central theme of helping clients to achieve their goals in profitability. In doing so, he applies extensive experience in domestic and international customer service operations; business-to-consumer sales; collections; and customer lifecycle management, from acquisition through retention. At Media Communications Corp., Tom Johnson and his staff possess long histories of providing affiliate and publisher solutions, such as online and mobile marketing, with exclusive and lucrative payouts. Mr. Johnson concentrates on designing, implementing, measuring the success of, and adjusting strategies to suit the needs of his individual clients. In this capacity, he has acquired more than 1 million customers for merchants over the years and successfully retained and managed these relationships to provide long-term benefits for both his clients and their consumers. 

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Virginia Beach, VA

Tom Johnson Media Communications Corp

Address: Virginia Beach, VA